Feature Films

Below is a list of feature films that Elisabeth Moss has starred in. They are listed in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent ones last. Click on the titles to read more about each project individually.

2019 Us ??
2019 The Kitchen ??
2019 Shirley ??
2048 The Seagull Masha
2018 The Old Man & The Gun Dorothy
2018 Her Smell Becky Something
2017 The Square Anne
2017 Mad To Be Normal Angie Wood
2016 The Free World Doris Lamb
2016 The Bleeder Phylis Wepner
2015 Truth Lucy Scott
2015 Queen of Earth Catherine
2015 Meadowland Shannon
2015 High-Rise 2015
2014 The One I Love Sophie
2014 Listen Up Philip Ashley Kane
2012 On The Road Galatea Dunkel / Helen Hinkle
2012 Darling Companion Grace
2011 The Pack Diana Whelan
2010 Get Him To The Greek Daphne Binks
2010 A Buddy Story Susan Adams
2009 Did You Hear About The Morgans? Jackie Drake
2008 New Orleans, Mon Amour Hyde
2008 El Camino Lily
2007 Day Zero Patricia
2005 Bittersweet Place Paulie Schaffer
2003 Virgin Jessie Reynolds
2003 The Missing Anne
2003 Temptation Wind/Morgan
2002 West of Here Cherise
2002 Heart of America Robin Walters
2001 Spirit Kellly
1999 The Joyriders Jodi
1999 Mumford Katie Brockett
1999 Girl, Interrupted Polly
1999 Earthly Possessions Mindy
1999 Anywhere but Here Rachel
1997 A Thousand Acres Linda
1995 The Last Supper Jenny Tyler
1995 Separate Lives Ronni Beckwith
1995 Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge Early Teen Ashley Judd
1995 Escape to the Witch Mountain Anna
1994 Imaginary Crimes Greta Weiler
1993 Gypsy Baby Louise
1992 Midnight’s Child Christina