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2019 Jun 21

The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale Book Review

The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale Book Review

The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale is a beautifully crafted book. It brings in depth interviews with Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale novel author), Elisabeth Moss and director Reed Morano.

On Elisabeth’s interview she says about being a fan of the novel before signing on to the show:

“It’s been such a gift to have that book as a guide. How rare is it that you have an entire novel that’s in your character’s voice? Her innermost thoughts? It’s something that just doesn’t happen and, on top of that, it’s also so beautifully written.”

The second chapter talks about building Gilead and Morano comments

“There’s so much technology that exists now that didn’t when Margaret wrote the book that needed to be taken into consideration.”

The chapter brings many set photos, and a map of what America looks like in the hands of Gilead leaders. It describes how everything was meticulously created, from the Waterford’s house, to the exterior, the Red Center, the props.

The section about Casting, brings information and interviews with all the actors and how they brought their characters to life. It also brings many behind scenes information such as music, writing, props, visual effects.

The second part of the book talks about Season 2 and moving on beyond the novels, showing the colonies, the “unwomen”, The Boston Globe where June spends a good portion of season 2 hiding and waiting to be rescued, Cherry Jones who was cast as June’s mother, Holy, and Sydney Sweeney as the sweet and naïve Eden. Little America and the letters props.

All the book is filled with many gorgeous never seen before images from the show and set, bringing life to a story that has been so beautifully on TV.

You can buy The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale at Amazon.com

2019 Apr 08

Book: The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale

Book: The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale

A new book about the making of The Handmaid’s Tale is set for release in May 14th: The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale by the author Andrea Robinson. The book is available for Pre-Order at Amazon. Below are some photos and the full press release. The book looks beautiful and it contains interviews with cast and crew.

The Art and Making of The Handmaids Tale with Elisabeth Moss on the Cover

Also, from the same Publisher, they have these beautiful Hardcover journals and a Deluxe set with note cards, envelopes, pocket journal and more, below are images and they link to the Amazon page where you can purchase.

Here is the full press release for The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale:

The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale
Written by Andrea Robinson
Featuring interviews with: Margaret Atwood, Bruce Miller and Elisabeth Moss
Foreword by Warren Littlefield

The Handmaid’s Tale—the groundbreaking award-winning show produced by MGM Television and based on Margaret Atwood’s best-selling novel—has drawn rave reviews and attention worldwide.

Insight Editions is pleased to announce The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale (May 14, 2019 / $39.95), which details the process of bringing the story to the small screen with forty-five exclusive cast and crew interviews, set photography, concept art, costume design, and more.

Delve deep into the show’s dystopia of Gilead as interviews with cast and creators illuminate the inspiration behind the characters, settings, and themes, as well as the story’s parallels to the real-world political climate. Showcasing striking visuals and insightful commentary, The Art and Making of The Handmaid’s Tale is the definitive exploration of one of television’s most critically acclaimed shows.

The third season of The Handmaid’s Tale will air June 5 on Hulu.

About the Author:

Andrea Robinson is a New York–based editor and author. She is the author of The Vampire Diaries: Unlocking the Secrets of Mystic Falls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Official Grimoire. Her young-adult novel, Vampire Crush, published under the name A. M. Robinson, was a featured selection of the Scholastic Book Club.

About Insight Editions:

Celebrated for its unwavering dedication to quality, Insight Editions is a publisher of innovative books and collectibles that push the boundaries of creativity, design, and production. Through its acclaimed film, television, and gaming program, Insight strives to produce unique books and products that provide new ways to engage with fan-favorite characters and stories. Under this program, Insight has published books covering the worlds of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Destiny, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Diablo, World of Warcraft, and the Harry Potter films, among many others. Insight’s award-winning art, photography, and sports titles celebrate the artistry and history of a wide range of subjects that include the Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, the San Francisco Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys. Other divisions include a line of deluxe stationery products, as well as a children’s imprint, Insight Kids. For more information, visit www.insighteditions.com.

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